Councillor Derek Scudder

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Derek Scudder

I have been a Watford Borough councillor in Stanborough for 19 years and a county councillor for Woodside/Stanborough for 12 years.

I have been a member of the Mayor’s cabinet since she was first elected in 2002 and Deputy Mayor since 2003. My current cabinet responsibilities are mainly concerned with services the council contracts out. These include waste and recycling collections, street cleaning, the leisure centres and the Colosseum. I also have an involvement with the Palace Theatre, allotments and grants to voluntary bodies.

I am a member of the Licensing Committee of the council and also on the boards of the CAB, the alms-houses and (Watford) Sheltered Workshops.

I have lived in Garston since 1976. My two children, who are grown up and have now moved into London, where they both work, were born in Watford Hospital and attended local schools.

Before retiring I worked in a number of different industries, firstly in quality control laboratories of pharmaceutical companies then as a site manager for a large defence company in Stanmore. I also ran a small franchise for a few years before finally retiring from full time work.

My main interest outside of politics is sport, primarily motorcycle racing and football but, regrettably I am at the age when I can do little else but spectate.

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