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Alan Orchard

Alan Orchard

My name is Alan Orchard and I have attempted to record some of the happenings that either directly or indirectly affect the lives of residents, both in the past and on going. You will find several options to choose from on the menus at either side, choose whatever takes your interest.

A Millennium History of Kingswood is an article written for the turn of the Century special booklet published free by the KRA, and was the catalyst for the remainder of the history and the addendum leading on to the current 2018 Social Comment, which  is on-going.  Addendum 1 looks at happenings from years 2000 to 2009.

I also interviewed some of our older resident’s regarding events they recall up to half a century ago. This is the period of time when life was very different from modern times and these memories will disappear for all time if not recorded.

The interviewees are given the option of an alias of their choice; can you recognise the shy ones? They are listed by their AKA’s so it is pot luck who you select. Just click on a name to open the corresponding interview pages

If you have a story to tell that you feel is different to those already recorded; and the events took place more than 50 years ago; and you make a good cup of tea, please contact our co-ordinator. He will pass your contact detail to me.

Alan Orchard.

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